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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  April 8, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> his words not mine, a lunatic >> he was known for asking questions a colleague once said would get anyone else massed in the face. tonight we remember '60 minutes correspondent mike wallace. >> i couldn't sleep last night, it kept being in my eyes >> people still traumatized by what they saw, the new evidence collected in a fatal collision between an s-u-v and a family. a major airline says so long to oakland international airport. what united is getting out.
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>> mike was a great friend and mentor to me and even gave me a compliment once and he was one of the real pioneers in television journalism. >> face the nation anchor bob schieffer paying tribute mike wallace to died last night at the age of 93. his reputation as a pitiless inquisitor was so fierce some of the words of mike wallace is here to see you were the most dreaded words in the english language. he spent most of his career at cbs as the first correspondent hired for 60 minutes and spent four years working on the program. >> mike wallace died peacefully saturday in a connecticut care facility with his family at his side. he was 93. his friend and 60 minutes colleague morley safer last saw him a year-and-a-half ago >> he was wonderfully aggressive
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in critical >> is passing may have been quiet but his life as a journalist was anything but. >> it is almost an embarrassment to hear this from you >> he was a tenacious interviewer to back away from nothing. his interview with the ayatollah khamenei during the 1979 iranian hostage crisis. he quoted the egyptian president >> and he calls you, forgive me, his words not mine, a lunatic >> wallace neff helped pioneer the ambush interview >> he loved villains, going after them and then once on the broadcast would you this rate them >> there is the joke that the worst thing anyone can hear is, mike wallace is here to see you. >> id is no joke, people became catatonic when they saw him
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>> he could irritate anyone including his boss. but safer says that there was a softness to him not seen on television >> he was a very sensitive guy about all kinds of things. he could be very sentimental >> sentimental yes, but he will be remembered for being the pit bull journalist u.s. and those who knew him say that is the way he would like it. >> other friends and colleagues are remembering mike wallace tonight. the cbs news chairman says that wallace love the fact that he showed up for an interview and it made people nervous. roger ailes from fox news says that wallace was actually trying to serve the audience which is what was great. ensure would says millions tune in every sunday night to see who would be on the receiving end of his interrogations'.
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a special program dedicated to wallace will be broadcast on 60 minutes next sunday april 15th. concord police are investigating whether a teenage driver was on his cell phone when he slammed into a family riding their bikes and they are also testing his blood to find out if drugs or alcohol were factors. people who saw the accident that killed a father and daughter are haunted by the horrifying images. >> i couldn't sleep last night, it kept coming in my eyes as >> a common theme for anyone who witnessed the crash, out for a bike ride >> i heard the crash and screaming, a little girl was screaming and we ran out there and we saw people on the street so we tried to help them >> 41 year-old solomon died immediately, his nine year-old daughter died in the hospital.
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a 12 year-old daughter was injured but is ok. along the roadway, a memorial >> the father was a good part of the community >> this families kids went to school with his girls >> i tell the kids how lucky they are to still be alive and show some respect >> they also live around the boulevard with three lanes going each way and a 45 m.p.h. speed limit >> people drive too fast and there are accidents all the time >> today outside a building that was also hit, a jumble of reminder of what happened to including the fire hydrant that was sheared off as the vehicle road on the sidewalk. witnesses say he was speeding and police are investigating whether or not his cellphone might have been involved. he called his friend right after >> he told me he might have killed two people and he was
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pretty scared and i was not sure if he was serious that he seemed pretty nervous >> the driver is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter and is expected to make a court appearance this week. >> investigators are looking into the cause of an early- morning fire in oakland that damage several businesses. the fire was reported around 330 near the intersection of international will boulevard and fruit fell avenue. crews had it under control within two hours. six businesses were damaged including the restaurant where investigators believe it started. a freeway in southern california is not expected to open for at least another half- hour following a tanker truck fire. late last night the tanker caught fire and crashed on the westbound freeway in glendale. two helicopters were able to keep the flames from spreading to nearby brush. about 6,000 gal. of fuel were burned.
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police say suspected drunk driver slammed into the back of a tanker. the 25 year-old man was arrested. the u.s. coast guard came to the rescue of two fishermen and a seven year-old boys stranded on a boat. the reported yesterday and as missing. they were found nearby bodega bay and were towed back to shore safely. coast guard says that voters should make sure that someone knows their launch location, travel plan and return time. in major airline will no longer be flying out of oakland come this summer. united airlines is ending its operations at oakland international on june 4th saying it does not make financial sense for the company. >> it doesn't make economic sense for them to operate such a
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small number of flights from one city mostly to denver and maybe to chicago when in fact they can operate them from san francisco so it is sad. anytime you decrease my options i'm not happy >> united will either booked on flights to and from oakland. a community terrorized by a series of shootings in just hours begins to relax. two gunmen arrested in what is being described as racially motivated killings. north korea is another step closer to launching a missile. how it is reassuring the world it has nothing to worry about. >> we will look for cloudy conditions but we are expecting a chance of showers moving across the region and we will check on that coming up in the complete forecast.
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>> new information about one of the men arrested in a series of shootings that terrorized polls
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that at the african-american community. a facebook post described as in anger over his father being shot by a black man. revenge appears to have been his motivation >> shooting suspects jake england and albert what are facing first-degree murder charges. both the police say they killed three people and wounded two others during a shooting spree early friday morning >> in my years i have never seen anything as heinous as this but at the same time i have never seen such an outpouring of support >> police say there is a connection in the shootings and the killing of england's fathered by a black man two years ago. all the victims in the shootings on friday were black >> it is too premature for me to make a comment, you can look at the facts of the case and certainly come up with what would appear to be logical. >> pulse of was on edge this weekend after the victims were found within a few miles of each
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other. the fbi and u.s. marshals joined the manhunt. the search ended when police acting on a tip arrested the suspects early sunday morning north of tulsa. >> it is sad that you want to hurt someone >> i'm sorry it happened, i wish it didn't but it is an indication sometimes that we still have issues on the community that we're working on >> all the victims were out walking when they were shot and police do not believe they knew each other >> video posted to a social media website shows' heavy shelling in syria on easter sunday. the syrian government has not followed through on a promise to abide by a cease-fire. the government is demanding a guarantee that rebels will lay down their weapons. fragile of rebels have rejected that demand.
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north korea showed off a rocket is planning to watch in defiance of a un resolution. officials took members of the foreign press to the site today. they say rocket will carry a weather satellite into space. the u.s., south korea, and japan say it is a disguised ballistic missile test. an easter message for worshipers by a very special guest. >> new york jets quarterback timm tebow tells a texas crowd the importance of being outspoken about their faith >> balmy temperatures around the day today. we're still looking at the upper 60s throughout the region. we will take a look at that coming up next.
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>> pope benedict delivered his easter message in front of thousands of faithful followers in st. peter's square. he urged the syrian regime to end the bloodshed and commit to peace talks. he also denounced terrorist attacks and appealed for peace in iraq and elsewhere in the middle east >> what ever happens in life good or bad weather your the euro or the goat, whether you like it orotyou know that someone has a plan for your life and it is a special plan and you can trust that and then you have peace in all decisions in everything you do. >> kim tebow drew a huge crowd
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at an easter service in texas. he told about 15,000 worshipers is important for christians to be outspoken about their fate. it took on the feeling of a rock concert with more than 100 school buses shuttling people to the church. it turned out to be a perfect day for the easter egg hunting. >> we saw lots of blue skies and warm temperatures out there and of the rain a stalled offshore. right now, looking at ocean beach, we see a lovely evening taping shape. we see a few more i clouds moving into the area tonight. here is the system that stalled offshore today. rain moving by to the north and the front will cross the bay
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area tomorrow. we will look for more clouds in a chance of showers moving north to south through the evening tomorrow into tuesday and wednesday. we will turn back to school and unsettled with spring showers through the week. moisture begins to move in early tuesday with several waves of energy with colder air moving into the area towards the end of the week and a slight chance of thunderstorm activity. it will not be a big washout but it does appear rather soggy.
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overnight lows on the warm side in the mid to upper '40's. mid to upper 60s tomorrow, low '70's in the south and east bay. livermore hit 74 today. upper 60s and more clouds in the north bay and then we see a chance of showers moving into the picture late tonight continuing on and off through the week. there will be a chance of showers for us right through the week and the coldest air will arrive thursday night into friday which could generate some thunderstorms on friday and we will clear it out just in time for the weekend. >> it was a great day to be outside but a lot of people were inside watching the masters. >> a goodday to be bubba but not a good chance to be any of the giants' starting pitchers.
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it left-hander winds the masters but it is not phil mickelson.
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>> a wind had agusta would have been filled mickelson four green jackets tying him with tiger woods and arnold palmer. it all changed on the par-5
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second hole. >> this one could be very nice, could be very nice. yes! >> just the fourth double eagle in masters history. meanwhile, filled struggled badly on the fourth hole. his tee shot bounces into the bushes, he would triple bogey and never fully recover. bubba watson had a string of four straight birdies on the back nine. after louis missed his birdie putt, watson had a chance to
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win. this was for the green jacket. sudden death we go for the first time since 2009. louis shot from the rough, short of the green. watch where watson is on the second playoff hole. he has a wedge from 155 yds out and he hooks it 40 yds in the air and everyone goes nuts. he then taps in for the birdie and the wind. it was very emotional. his dad died a couple of years ago and here he is, an emotional call for winning the masters. his first career major. >> how do you put into words? >> i never got this far in my
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dreams to talk. it is a blessing, to go home with my new sign, it will be fun >> congratulations >> thank you very much. it is nice, i look like you now. >> if you look really hard at this graphic you will see the two favorites to win, tiger woods and rory mcelroy both tied at 40 hits. the one positive the giants can take from their opening series is that the offense was not a problem. they scored 14 runs in three games. matt cain on the mound for the giants, brandon crawford rips one the other way. aubrey huff scores all the way from first. two-zero giants. buster posey first home run since last easter makes it 6-0.
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so with a six run lead for matt cain, a game over? it to run home run makes it 6-4 and on the very next pitch, another home run, kane allows five runs in six innings and then the wheels lilly fell off in the seventh inning when there should have been a double play but the tying run score. the next batter hits a chopper to third. with zero pools buster posey off the plate. arizona has the lead. the two teams combined for eight errors. sloppy baseball. the last chance for the giants, buster posey strikes out to end the game. the biggest comeback ever for the diamondbacks and they sweep the series. the sharks are the no. 7 seed with an overtime win against the
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kings last night setting up a first-round matchup with the blues. san jose won their final four games to get into the playoffs despite losing all four head-to- head matchups with the blues during the regular season, the sharks are looking forward to being the underdog story changed. >> we did not have any success during the regular season against them and there and were a number of points ahead of us and we are the underdog and we will see what we do with that >> i still think the expectations are there. people are probably a little bit more unsure of less than they have ever been which really doesn't matter as far as the locker room goes >> >> that is it for the eyewitness news at 530. we will see you back here in 30 minutes. news updates on
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